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Hernia occurs when the the muscles are weak in a particular region giving way for internal organs to push through the wall of the muscle cavity that normally contains it. This condition can not just be painful but also potentially dangerous warranting surgery to repair the weak muscle walls.

Hernias are of many types and every one of them require surgery. Siva Hospital’s team of well experienced surgeons work round the clock to ensure that such patients can be attended to immediately.

These Hernia repair surgeries can be performed both through the open as well as the laparoscopic procedure.

The various Hernias are:

Hernia (Open & Laparoscopy)

Inguinal hernia

Femoral hernia

Umbilical hernia

Incisional hernia

Lumbar hernia

Spigelian hernia

Paraumbilical hernia

Epigastric hernia

Obturator hernia

Endoscopy Surgery

Laproscopic Surgery

Bariatric& Metabolic Surgery

Hernia Surgery

Opthamology Surgery

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